An Equal Opportunity EmployerCamino Montessori does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religions, sex, marital status, handicap/disability or national origin.

All employees of Camino Montessori are required to have a valid fingerprint clearance card that is issued pursuant to title 41, chapter 12, article 3.1.  Camino Montessori will not employ a teacher whose certificate has been revoked for a violation of section 15-507 or 15-550 or for any offense that placed a pupil in danger.  All other personnel shall be fingerprint checked pursuant to section 15-512.  A person who is employed by a charter school or who is an applicant for employment with a charter school, who is arrested for or charged with a non-appealable offense listed in section 41-1758.03, subsection B or C and who does not immediately report the arrest or charge to the person’s supervisor or potential employer is guilty of unprofessional conduct and the person shall be immediately dismissed from employment with the charter school or immediately excluded from potential employment with the charter school.

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