The idea of Camino Montessori was born in May of 2009, a result of a dream that Judy Webster had to bring the Montessori philosophy and educational practices to families and children that often times do not have an option for this type of schooling.

We began with a market search to identify areas in which we felt there was the greatest need. We finally focused on the City of Maricopa community as there are few alternative education options, and while there is a Montessori Pre-School, there is no Montessori Elementary School. We met with the owners of the Montessori Pre-school and many of the families who have children enrolled there, and heard an overwhelming sentiment toward having their children continue Montessori education after pre-school. We spoke with the Chamber of Commerce and several business leaders who also expressed a desire for a Montessori School in the community.

After extensive due diligence, we decided that this was an excellent community in which to open our school. The community cannot fiscally support a private school and so after conducting our research in that area, we decided to submit an application for a Charter school.