Welcome to Camino Montessori.

Camino Montessori is a Pre-K through 6th grade Private/Public Charter School serving the wonderful families of Maricopa, AZ and its surrounding communities. Our class rooms offer an authentic Montessori experience for our students, including self discovery, guided learning, problem solving, and other important life skills partnered with a strong academic focus.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a high quality Montessori School in the City of Maricopa that:

  • Empowers every child to realize their fullest potential through active, reflective and creative education.
  • Fosters a love for learning through active partnerships involving students, parents, teachers, staff and community.
  • Embraces our diversity and unique talents in a safe, challenging, respectful and supportive environment.
  • Recognizes that personal growth involves responsibility towards ourselves, others and the earth, thus becoming self-determined, self-motivated and contributing members of society.